~ Notes ~

Two years ago, I saw this play for the first time at a theatre festival in Ellensburg. It changed everything I thought about what theatre could be—and needed to be. This story affected me so deeply that all I’ve wanted since is the chance to share this text, and I’ve finally been given the opportunity with this project. Being so heavily entrenched in every aspect of this production has been more of challenge than I could have imagined, but the payoff of bringing these characters to life is already worth it. The Pillowman, a dark comedy in three acts, is a contemporary horror story about love. That’s where it all leads: love. No matter how twisted the path may be. Please note that this production is a modified staged reading, meaning that though there is some physical action, much of the play will be conducted entirely from chairs facing the audience. Scripts will be in hand and stage directions will also be read aloud. I ask that you let this story in. It’s dark and real and beautiful, and it will make you feel. Let it. Let us tell you this story. Who knows where it might take you two years later?

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